Southern Crust Catering Company Launch Party at Wild Heaven Brewery

Thursday, Southern Crust Catering Company celebrated their launch in big style with a private party at Wild Heaven Brewery. Southern Crust offers a full-service catering experience from a 1953 vintage Chevy truck. This beauty is custom out-fitted with a Mugnaini open-hearth pizza oven, incredible sound system and tap handles to pour local brews. Yes! A party on wheels! 

Photo Provided by Caren West PR for Southern Crust Catering Company

Guest were treated to unlimited Neapolitan-style, wood-fired pizza. And the pizza was oh so delicious! My favorite of the night was the Roasted Butternut Squash Pizza. Amazing! 

Other pizza offerings included, Margherita, Clam, Speck, and Pistachio Pesto Pizza. We also had the opportunity to try their some of their snacks and greens. I loved the kale salad! It was suggested by one of the awesome Southern Crust crew members to put the kale salad on top of a slice of pizza.  Of course I had to try it. He was right. It was amazing. Mmmmmm. 

To wash all of this wonderful food down, Wild Heaven Brewery was pouring their cold craft beers. I wanted something light, so I went for the Emergency Drinking Beer. (Best.Name.Ever.) One of my favorite local craft brews. 

I went back outside to find that dessert was being served. Guess what it was???? S’mores!! Yesssss. I love s’mores. Really I just love a good burnt marshmallow. But their s’mores hit the spot. Yummy!! What a great experience! If you need a fun catering service,  I would recommend Southern Crust Catering Company, for not only the quality of their food, but also for customer service. That is one awesome crew!

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