Brunch Happiness – Blueberry Pecan Pancakes

Late this morning, I had a taste for some pancakes. Like really really bad! I wanted pancakes with these wonderful pecans the lovely folks at Schermer Pecans sent me earlier this month in celebrations of National Pecan Month. I wanted fancy pancakes, but was being kinda lazy. With that, I reached for the Krusteaz Pancake Mix. Just add water! Yes!  Deciding to only be slightly lazy, I opted to fancy up the pecans a bit by toasting them. Threw some butter in a hot pan and added those beautiful Schermer Pecans to it. Cooked them until they were perfectly toasted and tossed with a  little Himalayan salt and set them aside to cool. Next, I mixed up the Blueberry Pancake Mix up and added those delicious toasted pecans to it. Heated up that cast iron griddle and a few minutes brunch happiness commenced. I totally was in my happy place this morning. What’s some of your favorite quick go to brunch dishes?

Psssst! It’s still National Pecan Month!!

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