Schermer’s Pecans South Georgia’s Finest Pecans with a History of Excellance

We are well into Spring and I can’t be anymore happy.  Atlanta weather has been a little shady lately to say the least. In the last three days we’ve had tornados, severe thunderstorms, and wind advisories. Yesterday, a huge tree fell across the street I live on. It’s been crazy! Today the sun finally came out and sky was blue. FINALLY!  It was still quite windy though. Amidst the nasty weather, I received some happy mail from Schermer’s Pecans.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE pecans!

Founded in 1946, Schermer Pecans is a 5th generation growers and second generation owners.  Today, they are one of the few family run pecan companies that grow, shell, distribute.  Guaranteeing that you will enjoy the freshest pecans.


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When I opened the pretty green box that contained the awesomeness that I was soon to devour, I was excited to see that there were three bags of the most plump and hearty pecans I have seen in a long while. Somebody get me some scissors! I very quickly found a pair and got to business. That first pecan was so amazing, and so was the several handfuls that I scarfed down after it.  Ahhhhh! So good! I rolled the bag of deliciousness up and asked the Mini Me to put it back in the box and slide it under the bed.  The pecan’s days were numbered. We both knew it.

Since Wednesday the pecans as made its way into oatmeal, salad, and tonight a pan of brownies.  Yummy! Pecans are the perfect addition to many of your favorite meals. Not only are these pecans they delicious, they pack full of some pretty impressive nutritional benefits.  Pecans are an excellent source of vitamin-E, and serveral impotant B-complex groups of vitamins such as niacin, B-6, and riboflavin.  They are also rich in minerals such as iron, zinc, and calcium.

So head over to and order up a couple bags. Schermer’s Pecans is definitely comes highly recommended by me, if you’re looking for high quality pecans with a history of greatness. Don’t forget April is National Pecan Month! It’s not too late to join the celebration!


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