5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Bugs

Yes! You read the title right. There are reasons why you should be eating BUGS. Before you get to turning up your nose and disclaiming as a reputable food blogger, hear me out. Let me also say that I am not a nutritionist in any shape or manner. Defiantly do your own research before you decide to get on the bug bandwagon.

So last month, my city held its annual Atlanta Science Festival. All week there were various science events throughout Atlanta to entertain all of your inner nerd desires. My daughter and I found a very interesting event that we just had to attend. It was called The Art and Science of Cooking with Bugs. We were intrigued. During the discussion bug breeder, Chelsea Thomas, gave us some very impressive nutritional facts about our would be pest. Nutritional factors are not the only reason to eat bugs, there are also ecologic and financial reasons to consider.

1.  They are good for you! 

Bugs are rich in fiber, vitamins healthy fats, and essential minerals. Some of our creepy crawlers contains more protein than a piece of beef. Bugs could definitely solve world hunger.

2.  You’re problably eating bugs already.

Did you know the FDA allows 60 fragment of insects per 100 grams of chocolate before it’s considered defective? If that is the case! I’ve definitely have eaten a bug or two. In other countries, eating bugs is a part of their culinary culture. It’s safe to say that eating bugs is pretty safe in some way or another.

3.  There are plenty to go around!! 

With over 300 species of bugs, we won’t be running out anytime soon. Who’s up for a bug buffet?

4.  They can be eaten many ways. 

With over 2,000 flavors and textures to explore, cooking with them would surely be an adventure. Bugs can be baked, fried, and sautéed. They can even be made into flour. At the Atlanta Science Festival event we were treated to a very tasty cookie made with cricket flour. I’m a fan!

5.  Insects can be raised anywhere. They can actually be raised right in your home. Doing so uses less water and land than it does to raise livestock. This also fight against global warming by reducing the need of beef.

Ready to explore bugs in the kitchen? Check out these recipes to get you started!

Chocolate Orange Cricket Flour Brownies

Cricket Powder Blueberry Crumble Muffins

Sauteed June Bugs

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