40 Tequila Cocktails You Should Be Sipping On Right Now! 

“Drinking tequila is more about the journey than the destination”. -Rainbow Rowell

Tequila originated in the city of Tequila in the 16th century. It is a regionally specific distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant. Since agave grows differently depending on the region, tequila typically varies in flavor. You’ll notice a sweeter aroma and taste from blue agave grown in the highlands Los Altos region. If you prefer a more herbaceous flavor profile, look for agaves harvested in the lowlands.

There are two main types of tequila, 100% Agave and Tequila Mixtos. Mixtos must contain no less than 51% agave with various sugars and additives making up the remaining 49%. From these two categories Tequila is typically bottled into one of five categories:

Silver – a white spirit, unaged and bottled or stored immediately after distillation.

Gold – an unaged silver Tequila that may be flavored with caramel coloring, oak extract, glycerin, or sugar based syrup.

Reposado – Tequila aged at least two months in oak barrels.

Añejo – Tequila aged for at least one year in small oak barrels.

Extra Añejo – Tequila aged at least three years in oak barrels.

Tequila is one of my favorite spirits to get creative with because of how versatile it is. I’ve asked a few food blogger friends to share their favorite tequila based cocktail recipes. I’m going to warn you, they are amazing! You should probably go get a bottle of Tequila right now!

1. Spicy Cucumber Kiwi Margarita

Garlic & Zest

2.The Strawberry Paloma

The Gastronom

3. Fresh Grapefruit Margarita

The Toasty Kitchen

4.  Blood Orange Margarita

Mommy’s Home Cooking

5.   Hibiscus Paloma Cocktail

Honey and Birch

6.  Apple Cider Margaritas

A Nerd Cooks

7.  Sparkling Pineapple Coconut Margaritas

I am a honey bee

8.  Honey Sage Margarita 

Shana Was Here

9.  Frozen Palomas

Blender Happy

10.  Frozen Strawberry Mango Margarita

Girl Heart Food

11.  Where the Sea Meets the Sky

The Gastronom

12.  Tequila Sunrise Slushies

Honey and Birch

13.  Cherry Lime Margarita 

We Are Not Martha

14.  Grilled Watermelon Frozen Margaritas

15.  The Honey Mango Strawberry Margarita

Tasted and See

16.  Blackberry Lime Margarita

Nourish and Fête

17.  Salsa Sunset: A Savory Margarit

18.  Beergarita

19.  Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita

Isabel Eats

20.  The JH Hibiscus Margarita 

Little Sugar Snaps

21.  Blueberry Basil Margarita 

Supergolden Bakes

22.  Pomegranate Margarita 

Lemon Blossoms

23.  Spicy Jalapeño Margarita 

Rosemary & Rye

24.  Lemon-Lime Magic Margarita 

The Flavor Bender

25.  Elderflower Margarita

Home & Plate

26.  Tamarind Ginger Margarita

27.  Lavender Honey Margarita

Flippin’ Delicious

28.  Grapefruit Habenero Margarita

Platings and Parings

29.  Hot and Bubbly Margarita

Mid-Life Croissant

30.  Cantaloupe Margarita 

One Delightful Life

31.  Cucumber Jalapeño Cilantro Margarita 

I’m Bored Let’s Go

32.  Frozen Raspberry Watermelon Margaritas

The Home Cook’s Kitchen

33.  Mango Margarita (No Sugar Added)


34.  Spicy Cucumber Mint Margarita 

Tasting Page

35.  Fresh Cranberry Margaritas

Just a Little Bit of Bacon

36.  Spicy Paloma Cocktail

Chew Street

37.  Cantaloupe Margaritas 

Urban Bliss Life

38.  Classic Agave Margarita

Oh She Swooned

38.  Blood Orange Margarita 

The Rising Spoon

39.  Mango Jalapeño Margarita-3 Minute Drink

Easy Cooking with Molly

40.  Grapefruit Margarita 

A Gouda Life

Need more inspiration?? Here’s 15 MORE to check out!!

The Jagerita – Nomageddon

Fresh Strawberry Margarita – Taste and See

Coffee and Donut Patrón XO Café Drink – Hustle. Mom. Repeat

Grilled Pineapple and Peach Silver Tequila Cocktail – One Delightful Life

How to Make the Best Tequila Sunrise Cocktail – Daily Appetite

An Exotic Tropical Margarita – Beyond Mere Sustenance

Frozen Strawberry  Rhubarb Margarita – Champane Taste

Strawberry Jam Margarita – Supergolden Bakes

Sugar Sunset Margarita – Buy This Cook That

Tropical Margarita – Simply Vegetarian 777

Easy Beergaritas – Hello Little Home

Jack’s Ultimate Frozen Margarita – Grits and Pinecones

Silver Cadillac Margarita – Vegan in the Freezer

Grilled Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita – Plating and Pairings

Skinny Coconut Margarita – What the Fork

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