Watermelon with Cotija Cheese & Balsamic Drizzle

One of my favorite fruits to enjoy during the summer is Watermelon. It’s sweet, refreshing, and packed full of essential nutrients. Today in celebration of National Watermelon Day, I decided to make a watermelon salad. So I hopped on Pinterest to find a recipe. Most recipes I found called for Feta Cheese. I didn’t have any on hand and I wasn’t feeling going to the grocery store either, so I scratched that. Then I remembered I had some cotija cheese left from the Mexican street corn I made last week. That may work! I cut a piece of watermelon that I just picked up from the farmers market yesterday and sprinkled it with the cheese and added a few drops of balsamic glaze. We had a winner! So good!! It’s really the easiest way to fancy up a plate of watermelon ever! 

Watermelon with Cotija Cheese and Balsamic Glaze

Cut and cube desired amount of watermelon.

Top with desired amount of Cotija Cheese

Drizzle with desired amount of balsamic drizzle.

Yes, it’s really that easy.

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