7 Food Flat Lay Ideas – Guest Blogger: Cait’s Cozy Corner 

Hello food adventurist! I have a very special guest blogger here today! Please welcome Caitlin of Cait’s Cozy Corner! She has some Instagram-worthy tips for your next food flat lay post. Check it out!

Do you ever look at people’s flat lays on instagram and want to know how they make such great backgrounds? Sometimes I feel like I can’t afford to have all the props that a great photographer uses to get that perfect shot. Or even that my blog itself will never look top notch. 

Then you are soooo wrong, my friend, you can learn how to take great photos for your blog. You just need some tips and you are in the right place to get them. In time, you can learn to take photos that will make your products shine. But, in the immediate here and now, you can, at least find out some really great ideas for flat lay photography backdrops.

The 7 potential flat lay backgrounds for your food that I will list are likely to be hiding in your home, just lying around the house, just wanting to be in your photos! Plus, if you don’t have them already, they will just be a short walk to a local store and be bought for a steal! 

1.  Rugs– Do you have a fluffy rug or a long pile carpet? Then this will be great for flatlay backgrounds. A rug is easier as you can move it nearer the window to get good light. White or ivory shag pile is the best and one I use often on my own Instagram.
Tiles- Floor tiles are great as flat lay backdrops and you can get really big ones! Have a good look around and you can find some great effect. The tile shown above makes a really interesting photography background, as it has a very distinctive pattern and the colours are all natural. But if you need the background to be less busy, you can find some gorgeous marble tiles in white or ivory. 

Image: Pinterest

2.  Cardstock– Large sheets of cardstock can be useful for flay lay backgrounds and also as continuous backgrounds, as they can be easily bent. Also, card can be found in so many shades, so you are sure to find one that will tie in with your branding colours. If you want to re-use the card, avoid spillages and store flat! 

3.  Wallpaper– Have you done some decorating lately? Did you use wallpaper? If so, you probably have some left over, just in case you need to patch somewhere. If not, just pass by the local DIY store and grab a free sample or two, then you can just lay it under your flat lay and use as a backdrop. To get it to lay flat, just paste it on some mount board. There are some really great natural designs on wallpaper, from brick walls, to marble, to pebbles, wood and some really pretty vintage patterns

4.  Baking Sheets– A real favorite of food photographers at the moment, are old, baked on baking sheets and trays. They are a perfect backdrop to dark and moody food photography. The more marked and black with baked on food they are, the better! You can make yours look old by just wiping each time you use and definitely do not put them through the dishwasher or all your hard work will be wiped away!

Image: Pinterest

5.  Trays– Trays made of any material can make great backdrops, but vintage metal trays and wooden trays are especially suitable. Wooden trays can be painted and distressed. A great thing about using trays is that you can compose your photo, arrange it all to your liking and then if you feel the lighting isn’t right, it’s very easy to just lift the tray and carry it to another window in your house and see if the light is any better there.

6.  Table Tops– Tables can be used as flat lay backgrounds, but make sure it is near a window so that you get good lighting. You will probably need a small stepladder to get high enough to take your photo – be careful! You’ll get a great angle from being up high. 

If you’re feeling really ambitious and don’t see any of these ideas in your home, you can always make something for your food to be placed on. Think of creating your own place mat, table runner or napkin holder for your food to stand out on. Sewing Machine has great products for you to grab all your sewing materials to help you bring your vision to life for your food flat lays! No matter what your needs are, they have a large selection of all your favorite brands, materials and more to set you up for success! So start thinking of your great flat lay ideas and bring your food dreams to life! 

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