6 Coffee Shops to Visit in Toledo, Ohio

This summer, I decided to visit my parents in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio. As a food blogger, I’m always in search of the best places to eat and drink. When I left Toledo, there wasn’t much of a culinary scene at all. Like nothing. The plus side of that is that my family ate at home most of the time. Which lead to my mother teaching me how to cook. Which in turn led to my love of cooking and food. When I moved to Atlanta in 1995, I wasn’t really into the culinary scene that much, as I was adjusting to the college life 4 states away from my parents. I still loved to cook though. I still remember those spaghetti dinners my roommates and I cooked with that portable cooking eye my mom mailed to me…even though it was against the rules. Lol!! As the culinary scene in Atlanta grew, so did my palate. Today it is amazing. It’s a Food Blogger’s dream. Not only are there amazing restaurants, Atlanta has some awesome breweries and coffee shops.

When I came back to Toledo, I must admit, I felt that my search to find a culinary adventure here would be grim. I’m still in search for an awesome restaurants, but happy to say that Toledo’s coffee shop game is spectacular! Boasting locally roasted coffee beans, chic decor, and amazing lattes just to name a few. Like I’m totally in love with these coffee shops! If you find yourself in Toledo, check out any one of these fantastic coffee shop!

1. Rustbelt
119 N Ontario St

Toledo, OH 43604

2.  Claro Coffee Bar

1801 Adams St

Toledo, OH 43604

3.  Maddie & Bella Coffee Roasters

44 S St Clair St

Toledo, OH 43604


4. SIP Coffee

3160 Markway Rd

Toledo, OH 43606

5.  Black Kite Coffee
2499 Collingwood

Toledo, OH 43610


6.  BleakHouse Coffee
612 Adams St

Toledo, OH 43604


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