Super Saturday: Brunch + Yoga + Farmers Market + Visit with Grammy + Justice  

Today was very exciting and productive day I must say. I was able to do everything I sought out to do! That’s pretty rare. There is usually something I want to do and just can’t find the time to do. But not today!

9:00 AM

BRUNCH at Bleak House! You may recognize this establishment from my list of coffee shops to visit in Toledo. Not only does Bleakhouse have very tasty coffee, they also a pretty amazing brunch on the weekends. This weekend, guest Chef Mo was in town sharing his culinary talents here in Toledo, Ohio. 

Sage and I peeped the menu out on Facebook and was set on experiencing the Pickled Blueberry, Sassafras Cream, and Hemp Granola Waffles. Doesn’t that just sound amazing! Pickled blueberries!!  And just as we imagined this was the most delicious waffle I’ve had in a while. So good!! 

11:00 AM

YOGA at Fleetwood Taproom. A couple Saturdays ago Sage and I went to our first yoga practice here. It was an awesome first experience as it was held on the rooftop and the weather was absolutely beautiful. Today yoga was held at Hensville Park. Another beautiful morning for practice.


EXPLORE Toledo Farmers Market. The first order of business, as usual, was getting our hands on the best doughnuts in town. Holey Toledough! We ordered a half dozen of these delicious rings of fried dough. 

Next on the list was to get a taste of  Glass City Roaster’s Smokey Bourbon Caramel Syrup. The last few weeks they had sold out by the time I got to them. But not today! Yes! I was able to sample the syrup and get some added to my coffee. It was very tasty! I definitely see myself makes a delicious cocktail with it! 


DELIVERED fresh donuts to my grandmother along with lunch. She loves those doughnuts!! 


JUSTICE Super Saturday Magical Emoji Party. For the past year, my daughter has served as a Justice Ambassador. One of her duties is to attend store events and engage with all the girls coming into the store. She really enjoys it! 


What an eventful day!! I was definitely ready for bed when 8:30 came rolling around! How was your Saturday?

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