5 Things Not to Forget When Attending a Food Festival 

Anyone you knows me or even follows me on social media knows that I love a food festival! It’s the best way to experience what a city has to offer as far as food. It’s a pretty big thing in Atlanta! That’s why I love the city so. Wherever city you are attending a food festival, these five essentials will definitely make your experience more enjoyable. 

1.  Tickets 

Don’t be that person who forgets your ticket. Put it in your purse or wallet that your taking to the festival. If you have an electronic ticket, don’t forget your cell phone! 

2. Portable Cell Phone Charger

Speaking of cell phone, grab your portable phone charger too! This will come in handy after you’ve captured all those fantastic moments during the festival and now have to call yourself an Uber! 

3.  Sunscreen 

Most food festivals are outside and during the especially warm months of the year. In the south the sun can get pretty unbearable. You definitely want to be sure to protect yourself from the suns’ UV rays. 

I love Coola Gauva Mango Sunscreen Spray + Plant Protection. Not only is it made with more than 70% certified organic materials as well as infused with antioxidants, it also smell wonderful! Love it! This sunscreen works for you in every way possible, leaving your skin well protected, nourished, and hydrated! 

Other amazing COOLA sun protection products you definitely want to try include: SPF 50 COOLA Sport Tint, SPF 15 COOLA Classic Liplux, and SPF 30 COOLA Makeup Setting Spray

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4. Hand Sanitizer 

At most food festivals access to running water and soap is very limited. Eliminate the stress and carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and return to eating your way through the festival.

5.  Good Attitude

You are hopefully at this festival to have a good time, so be sure to wear a smile. Makes some foodie friends while your at it!

*This post is sponsored by Coola as part of the Moms Meet Blogger Ambassadorship. I received Coola products free for review purposes. As always, all opinions are that of my own.

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