Dinner in the Dark with Pinnacle French Vodka

Last week, I was excited to be invited to a lovely French Vodka tasting. The event, hosted by Chef Jennifer Booker, was held at Atmosphere Restaurant Upon arrival, guest were invited to mingle amongst each other while sipping on the first cocktail of the evening, the Champagne Spritz. Initially I thought that it just a glass of champagne, later I was informed that it was actually the French vodka topped with champagne. It was quite tasty.

Photo Courtesy of DMHPR

Dinner guest were told that this was a Dining in the Dark experience. So we would not be told the French Vodka name until the end of the three course meal prepared by Atmosphere’s Chef Adam Olejniczak. Plot twist! Usually at media dinners, we are given a ton of information about the brand prior to the event. I was actually enjoying the suspense.

Photo Courtesy of DMHPR


Poulpe en SALADE

Charred octopus salad with hearts of palm, Niçoise olives, fresh tomatoes, marinated anchovies, red onion, organic arugula, and lemon confit

Paired with: French Vodka, Neat

Photo Courtesy of DMHPR

Let’s just start by saying this salad was amazing! The flavors were light and vibrant, perfectly pairing with the slight sweetness of the vodka.


Confit de canard Moulard

Duck leg confit cooked in the time-honored French tradition, wild mushroom raviolis, glazed baby carrots, French green beans, truffles red wine reduction.

Paired with: Southern Berry Bramble

Another deliciously successful course! Everything about it screamed delectable. The duck was well seasoned and every single component on the plate played its part. Bravo! The course was paired with another French Vodka based cocktail called a Southern Berry Bramble. It was very light and fresh with the flavors of summer.


Atmosphère Profiteroles

Choux filled with French Vanilla ice cream, topped with warm chocolate, toasted Polignac almonds

Paired with: Le Orange Drop

Oh what a delightful way to end this meal. Let’s just say I ate every bite of this dessert. It was paired with another lovely cocktail with notes of citrus called Le Orange Drop.

No it was time to reveal the name of the French vodka we had the pleasure of sipping on all night.

Drumroll 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

Pinnacle Vodka!!!

Photo Courtesy of DMHPR

Pinnacle Vodka starts with 100% whole-grain Winter Wheat from Northern France, creating a lighter, smoother vodka that you get from potatoes, corn, or rye. Next, they use pure spring water from the Charente region that naturally filters through limestone, removing impurities and creating a crisp, fresh taste. This award winning French Vodka is distilled five times for clean and fresh taste profile.


The Weekend

2 oz Pinnacle French Vodka

1/2 oz honey

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Rosemary sprig

Ginger Beer


Combine Pinnacle French Vodka, honey, lemon, rosemary sprig, and ice into shaker.


Pour in glass over large iced cubes.

Garnish with a slice of lemon and a rosemary sprig.


To find out more about Pinnacle Vodka visit www.pinnaclevodka.com.

21 thoughts on “Dinner in the Dark with Pinnacle French Vodka

  1. Okay, so I’ve heard of wine tastings, but never vodka tastings! I’m a flavored vodka aficionado myself, so I’m not surprised that Pinnacle was the big reveal. One thing I did learn about this, though, is that Pinnacle is made from wheat, and since I’m allergic to gluten, I shouldn’t be consuming it. Now I know! 🙂 Sounds like a very fun experience and the food looks divine. Your photos are indeed magazine-worthy!

  2. All of this food looks so yummy, and I bet it was great paired with this vodka! I love all the drink combos you can make with vodka the cocktails look so yum

  3. This is a first I hear of Vodka Tastings and now I am completely intrigued, not to mention, want to start taking part in them. Love the quick video and entire course journey – made me hungry in more ways than one! Delicious!

  4. Vodka tasting? Now that’s a new one I need one of those right now and it’s early in the day lol. The food looks amazing

  5. Whenever I think of Vodka, vanilla extract comes to mind. I’m not one for wine or other alcoholic beverages but they have their time and place. BTW, the food looks so yummy.

  6. Oh I love me some vodka, especially since I’m gluten-free. I’ve never heard of French or even dark vodka. Who knew there were so many options. Sounds lovely though!

  7. I don’t drink but I love how fancy and classy the dishes they served were! Such interesting and elegant!

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