Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain State Park 2019 | Shana Was Here

There’s nothing like time spent with family. Add a fun outing and you are sure to have a great time. This year we visited Stone Mountain State Park to attend their annual Snow Mountain festivities. Being from Ohio, where snow comes by the truckloads almost daily throughout winter, I was a little skeptical. Man-made snow???? But I will say that playing in the snow while it’s sunny and 65 degrees sounds pretty great.

So what exactly goes on at Snow Mountain? Well to sum it up, Snow Mountain is a winter wonderland just minutes from downtown Atlanta. It’s a great place to go to play in a little snow and not have to deal with everything that usually goes along with the cold wet substance. You can enjoy activities such as snow tubing, a snow zone, snow fort for the youngest guests, and s’ mores of course.

The snow at Snow Mountain is real snow, so it’s cold, wet, and slippery. With that being said, I would still suggest gloves, boots, and something water-resistant to wear even if it’s warm. If the weather is chilly definitely wear a coat and hat. Laying will be your friend. Just remember, the park also has basic snow gear like hats, gloves, and other winter staples.

Snow Tubing

Our first stop upon entering Snow Mountain was Snow Tubing! Tickets are timed and once there in your time slot, you have 2 hours to enjoy. Once inside you grab either a single or two-person tube and head up the path to the top of the slopes. I rode with my daughter because she was a little nervous. I was too. Lol.

The slope isn’t really all the high or steep for that matter but still, we were nervous. We get to the top and now there’s no turning back. A crew member helped us get all settled in our tube and even took our picture. Then down the slope, we went! Now that was fun!

Guests must be 42” tall to participate in a single tube. Guests must be 36 inches tall and must ride with a supervising companion 16 years of age or older if the participant is less than 42 inches tall to participate in a double tube. Guests must be 300 lbs. or less to participate.

Avalanche Alley

Next, we headed to Avalanche Alley for a total family adventure. In this adventure, up to 10 persons can ride on an extra-large tube. We were pretty excited. I noticed that this slope was much higher than the one we just rode down. Oh boy. This might be scary I thought to myself. So after getting in the tube and getting pushed down what seemed like the longest, steepest hill ever, we were done. We were all shook! Lol! I could barely get out of the tube. That’s how intense those seconds were. What a rush!

Guests must be at least 36” tall to participate. The minimum number of riders is four (4) and the maximum number of riders is ten (10) (8 adults and 2 children). Groups less than 4 will be seated with others. Everything you will need for your tubing fun is included in the price of admission.

Snow Zone

If you’re visiting with a little one, be sure to visit the Snow Zone. Here they’ll enjoy mini slides and slopes, snowman building, and a large area of snow.

Galactic Snow Tubing

Looking for an even cooler snow tubing experience? Check out Galactic Snow Tubing, an immersive nighttime experience starting at 5:30 PM with great music, laser beams overhead and high-powered LED lights dancing all around to the beat of the music.

Galactic Snow Tubing sessions are available in 2-hour increments that begin every half hour. As long as part of your tubing session crosses into 5:30 PM, Galactic Tubing will be a part of your experience.

Dare Devil Plunge

New this year at Snow Mountain is Dare Devil Plunge. For the bravest guests, take on the attraction’s tallest, fastest slope ever! Experience a 3 story high plunge and speeds up to 30mph while zipping through a tunnel of lights. How exciting!


Visit Snow Mountain through February 23, 2020. To purchase tickets visit