Summer Day Trip From Toledo To Take Right Now

Day trips are the best because travel time is usually less than 3 hours and with proper planning there’s no need for an overnight stay. Last week Mom and I took a ride about 45 minutes outside Toledo for fun filled day.

We started our day at the Schedel Arboretum & Gardens. Mom loves anything that has to do with plants and flowers. This was the perfect place for her to visit. Before even entering through the property gates we were greeted with the site of beautiful floral landscaping. Beautiful flowers lined the pathway leading to the welcome center as well. We knew this was going to be an amazing experience.

Schedel Arboretum & Gardens is located in Elmore Ohio, 23 miles southeast of Toledo. Their mission is to “To offer life enriching experiences – for the benefit of current and future generations – by providing unique opportunities for the study and appreciation of nature and the arts.” By providing this beautiful space for educational, cultural, and social purposes they have exceeded in their mission.

Schedel Arboretum & Gardens features over 10,000 annual plants and flowers, as well as unique species of trees. I loved all of the themed garden display that adorned the garden. There was a Japanese Garden that featured symbols in Asian culture such a beautiful 30 ft waterfall, bridges, and a Torii Gate. So beautiful! We loved walking through the Rose Garden where 80 varieties of hybrid tea roses were in bloom. The Topical Garden made you feel like you were in another place. This area was beautiful decorated with elephant ears, banana trees, and pool that featured a variety of tropical plants. The Tropical Garden also had a great shaded swing to relax and reflect of all of the beautiful sights in the garden. Another favorite part of Schedel Arboretum & Gardens was the Leo Pelka Bonsai Shelter. This is the largest bonsai collection in northern Ohio. With 95 individual species this collection, it is a must see.

Mom and I left Schedel Arboretum & Gardens in awe. This place is absolutely beautiful. Plan your visit today!!

Before heading to our next stop, we decided to check out a local coffee shop in Genoa. I noticed Ignite Coffee & Tea Co. on our way to Schedel Arboretum & Gardens so I wanted stop by. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. I ordered one of their signature espresso beverages, a Blend Salted Caramel Marshmallow Latte. It was delicious! Mom ordered a Sugar Free Caramel Decaf Latte with Almond Milk. She loved it!

Next stop on our fun day trip was to African Safari Wildlife Park. I was really excited about this! African Safari Wildlife Park is drive-thru safari located in Port Clinton, Ohio. So upon arrival you are giving a big cup of food , then you drive your car through the safari area where all types of exotic animal walk up to your car window to get a snack from you. There so many beautiful animals. We were able to feed an American Bison, Elks, Fallow Deer, Giraffes, and a Scottish Highland Cow just to name a few. These animals were very large and we were slightly intimidated by their size. But we found the they were actually very gentle. We totally enjoyed this experience.

After the drive thru safari we decided to take a quick stroll through the walk thru safari. This trail featured additional exotic animals to interact with. There were opportunities for camel rides and feeding an African Spurred Tortoise. We decided to check out their new Aviary Adventure where you can feed over 400+ budgies! After purchasing seed sticks you enter the walk in birdcage. If you the seed stick out the birds are immediately coming for it! Lol! The birds were quite social and would just land on your head. At one point I had a line of birds on my arm. I guess they thought I was a tree. Lol! That was fun!

We worked up quite an appetite having all if that fun so we decided to grab a bite to eat at Twin Oast Brewing. Twin Oast Brewing in located in Port Clinton, Ohio and is one of 29 stops on the 419 Ale Trail. I was excited to visit and get a stamp on my 419 Ale Trail passport. First of all the property of this brewery is huge! There is ample outside seating! And the setting is so picturesque. I was just a really relaxed vibe.

Upon arrive we were told that we could sit at any empty table. At the table was a QR code that you used to ordered your food. Once ordered, you just wait for your food to be brought to your table. It was a super easy process. If you wanted beer or beverages you did have to order from the outside bar. They had ample employees working so that was also a breeze. They also had a self-serve beer station that disbursed beer by the ounce. Get a preloaded card or start a tab and then scan the beer you want. You are charged by the ounce. I thought that was a cool feature.

The menu was full of delicious items. Mom and I both ordered the Twin Oast Burger. A smash burger blend with sharp cheddar, caramelized onions, pub sauce, on a salted pretzel bun. I had mines with the Belgium fries, while Mom opted for the side salad. While we wait I went to retrieve drinks. I decided on one of their seasonal beers, the Apricatawba, an apricot ale. It was so good I bought a 4 pack to go!

The food arrived in a very timely fashion. The burgers were hot and ready to be devoured. What a delicious burger! It was everything! The burger was perfectly seasoned, the bun was nicely toasted and soft to touch. The fries were great too! Tens all around! It was the perfect situation great food, great beer, and a beautiful setting to enjoy it in.

Our day trip was a huge success. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. Time to play another day trip! Where should we go next?

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