5 Ways to Have a Successful Walk in the Park

Spring has finally arrived! To some that means pool parties, picnics and festivals. Well that’s what it means to me too! BUT, it also means being able to do more outside activities. I personally despise working out in a gym. I need the sun hitting my skin, an occasional breeze across my face, and the sight of nature around me. And as cliché as sounds, I really enjoy walks in the park. With a recommendation of taking at least 10,000 steps a day, a scenic park will make making those steps less boring.


I love that I live in a city that has many beautiful parks that welcome and accommodate people who are out for a stroll. Be sure to choose parks that have a fair amount of foot traffic for safety purposes. I like to choose parks with paths that have various levels of difficulty to optimize my workout.


Choosing the proper shoes for you to walk in, is almost as important as walking itself. Walking in improper shoes will cause you more damage. Walking shoes should be comfortable, lightweight, and provide good shock absorption. To prevent blisters, a good walking shoes should also fit your foot.


Always bring your positive attitude on your walks. Appreciate the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Stop and literally smell the roses or what wildflower is blessing you with its presence. Nature has a way of soothing. Let it do its job. No bad vibes. Period.


You want to start your walk fully hydrated, so drinking a full cup of water before your walk. During your walk, it is recommended that you drink water every 20 minutes that you are walking. Always drink when you’re thirsty. At the end of your walk, replenish with a full cup of water.


*I received FUEL FOR FIRE for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinion. As always all options are that of my own.

At the end of my walk I always feel a bit hungry. I usually have some sliced apples or carrots to munch on. Last week I was given FUEL FOR FIRE to try and sample. So all week I’ve been grabbing on of these handy Fruit and Protein Smoothie on my way out of the door. They contain 10+ grams of protein and are made with 100% fruit purée with no added sugars. That I can appreciate as always try to limit my sugar intake. FUEL FOR FIRE is also gluten, soy, nut, GMO, and fat free. I love the taste of them as well. Real smooth and great flavor. I noticed that after consuming FUEL FOR FIRE after my 1 1/2 hour walks, it not only satisfies my hungry, it also gave me a bit of a energy boost. I love how portable FUEL FOR FIRE is. Just grab and go!

Fuel For Fire Fruit + Protein Smoothie is available to purchase at fuelforfire.com, Amazon, and select retail stores. To find Fuel For Fire in your area, visit https://www.fuelforfire.com/apps/store-locator for the full list of locations. Get 40% off and free shipping on any purchase on fuelforfire.com with the discount code SAVE40. Offer expires July 31, 2018!

* I am not a doctor or nutrition professional, and do not provide medical advice. Consult your physician before starting any new diet and exercise program.

10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Have a Successful Walk in the Park

  1. A positive attitude is so important! It sets the tone for your walk so you’ll feel happier afterward.

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