Coffee Shop Love: Circa Antiques & Coffee House | Tyrone, Georgia

I stopped by this gem today and fell in love. Circa Antiques & Coffee House is the cutest! If you’re into vintage and antique decor, this coffee shop should be on your radar. The coffee is on point too. I am currently enjoying a Gingerbread Latte that is amazing! Connected to the coffee shop is an antique store with a lot of great finds to add to your collection. Just 25 minutes outside Atlanta, it’s definitely worth the trip!



Latte Exploration: A Seasonal Perspective

A latte is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk. The term as used in English is a shortened form of the Italian caffΓ¨ latte, caffelatte or caffellatte, which means “milk coffee”. Wikipedia

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love a perfectly executed Latte. That of course starts with quality coffee beans followed by a skillful barista. This fall has been deliciously favorable for seasonal Lattes. With notes of cinnamon, maple, and of course pumpkin spice, you can’t go wrong. Here are a few of my favorites.

Claro Coffee Serving Up Next Level Pumpkin Spice Lattes This Week Only

It’s still Pumpkin Spice Season and I’m a pumpkin spice everything type of gal. Who cares what Martha Stewart says, pumpkin spice is life! Since the beginning of the season, I’ve had my share of amazing pumpkin spice lattes, but nothing like the one today. Yesterday, as I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I came across a post from one of my favorite coffee shops in Toledo, Claro Coffee. They were featuring the Ultimate Pumpkin Spice Latte, this week only!! Not only is it adorned with all kinds of deliciousness, it’s also served in a PUMPKIN!!!

So you know I had to come and experience it for myself. At a whopping $8.00 it was totally worth every sip! Everything was made in house, from the pumpkin syrup to the whipped cream. It was quite awesome. If you’re in the Toledo area this week, come get one!!

Coffee Shop Love: Literati Coffee | Ann Arbor, Michigan

This year, I’ve become quite the coffee shop enthusiast. I love coffee and I like to drink my coffee in cool places. On a quick visit to Ann Arbor, I used my trusty Yelp app to find super cute coffee shop in downtown Ann Arbor, called Literati Coffee. Before actually getting to the coffee shop, I had to go through Literati Bookstore. Yes! A bookstore. This independent bookstore houses the 2 floors below the Literati Coffee, offering a very nice selection of books to choose from. My 9 year old was very impressed with the chapter book section. She could have stayed there all day!

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Be still my literary heart.

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Once upstairs, I was kindly greeted by two lovely baristas ready to give us the full Literati experience. I was drawn to their seasonal menu and selected the *Literally* Pumpkin Spice Latte, made with their house made pumpkin spice syrup. Sooooo delicious! My daughter chose their Chai Latte. That was AMAZING! I enjoyed quite a few sips from her cup. She wasn’t exactly happy about that. Lol!

The coffee shop sits on the top floor with a nice view of downtown Ann Arbor. Plenty of seats to chill or get some work done. It’s also one of the quietest coffee shops I’ve been, so staying focused should not be a problem. With good vibes and excellent espresso, Literati Coffee is definitely winning.

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We love our little shop πŸ’•

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Literati Coffee

204 S 4th Ave

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

6 Coffee Shops to Visit in Toledo, Ohio

This summer, I decided to visit my parents in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio. As a food blogger, I’m always in search of the best places to eat and drink. When I left Toledo, there wasn’t much of a culinary scene at all. Like nothing. The plus side of that is that my family ate at home most of the time. Which lead to my mother teaching me how to cook. Which in turn led to my love of cooking and food. When I moved to Atlanta in 1995, I wasn’t really into the culinary scene that much, as I was adjusting to the college life 4 states away from my parents. I still loved to cook though. I still remember those spaghetti dinners my roommates and I cooked with that portable cooking eye my mom mailed to me…even though it was against the rules. Lol!! As the culinary scene in Atlanta grew, so did my palate. Today it is amazing. It’s a Food Blogger’s dream. Not only are there amazing restaurants, Atlanta has some awesome breweries and coffee shops.

When I came back to Toledo, I must admit, I felt that my search to find a culinary adventure here would be grim. I’m still in search for an awesome restaurants, but happy to say that Toledo’s coffee shop game is spectacular! Boasting locally roasted coffee beans, chic decor, and amazing lattes just to name a few. Like I’m totally in love with these coffee shops! If you find yourself in Toledo, check out any one of these fantastic coffee shop!

1. Rustbelt
119 N Ontario St

Toledo, OH 43604

2. Β Claro Coffee Bar

1801 Adams St

Toledo, OH 43604

3. Β Maddie & Bella Coffee Roasters

44 S St Clair St

Toledo, OH 43604


4. SIP Coffee

3160 Markway Rd

Toledo, OH 43606

5. Β Black Kite Coffee
2499 Collingwood

Toledo, OH 43610


6. Β BleakHouse Coffee
612 Adams St

Toledo, OH 43604


#AtlFoodiePhotoChallenge | Coffee | Hodgepodge Coffeehouse

Oh Honey!

Espresso, steamed milk, honey, and a hint of vanilla.

Hodgepodge Coffeehouse

What’s your favorite coffee shop around Atlanta? Shout them out below! β˜•οΈ #AtlFoodiePhotoChallenge

Hodgepodge Coffeehouse

720 Moreland Ave SE

Atlanta, Ga 30316

Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm

Sunday 9am-9m

Atlanta Coffee Shops To Visit

I have not always been a fan of coffee. Growing up, my mother would get up early every morning start a pot of coffee for herself and my dad. Every single morning. I didn’t like the taste of coffee back then. I preferred tea. I didn’t really start drinking coffee till about five years ago. Starbucks was my coffee of choice until I was really introduced to the real world espresso. My espresso drink of choice is a Latte, sweetened with honey. If a coffee shop can nail that with the perfect amount of sweetness and flavorful beans as a base, they will have a return customer. There are so many coffee shops in Atlanta, you are bound to have a couple favorites. Here are a few of mines.

1. Octane Coffee

I had my first latte here and was hooked! I’m excited for the opening of their newest location at Woodruff Arts Center!

2. Chattahoochee Coffee Company


This coffeeshop has the most amazing scenery. Sitting along the Chattahoochee River, it’s the perfect place to enjoy you great cup of coffee and reflect on life.

3. Dancing Goats/Batdorf and Bronson Coffee

Recently I took a tour at the Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roastery and became an even more fan of the company. Their coffee is just dreamy! They can be found in a few restaurants in Atlanta, but I like to visit their coffee shop at Ponce City Market, Dancing Goats. They have an amazing outside sitting area perfect for reading a book and sipping on a latte. 

4. Rev Coffee

This coffee in located in my former hood, Smyrna. I was so happy to discover this awesome coffee shop near me. I love going there to to write. The atmosphere is real chill. Their dedication to a perfectly roasted batch of coffee does not go unnoticed. What’s also very cool about this coffee shop is that it’s a converted garage. Brilliant! 

5. Cool Beans Coffee Roastery 
 Located in Marietta Square, this coffee shop is your best bet for a good cup of coffee north of Atlanta. I actually found out about the while attending the Coffeee Fest last year. As I sampled a taste, I was thinking, how have I not been to this place that’s basically sitting in my backyard?? Since then I’ve made several visits the Cool Beans Coffee Roastery. It was even a stop on The Marietta Food Tour I took not to long ago. Besides the great coffee, the atmosphere is real laid back. I like that. Who wants to go to an uptight coffeehouse anyway? Not I! 

5. Java Monkey

This Decatur Square gem is a great place to grab a caffeinated drink and then sit outside to people watch. They make an awesome latte! While you’re there check out their selection of teas. The best!