5 Things Not to Forget When Attending a Food Festival 

Anyone you knows me or even follows me on social media knows that I love a food festival! It’s the best way to experience what a city has to offer as far as food. It’s a pretty big thing in Atlanta! That’s why I love the city so. Wherever city you are attending a food festival, these five essentials will definitely make your experience more enjoyable. 

1.  Tickets 

Don’t be that person who forgets your ticket. Put it in your purse or wallet that your taking to the festival. If you have an electronic ticket, don’t forget your cell phone! 

2. Portable Cell Phone Charger

Speaking of cell phone, grab your portable phone charger too! This will come in handy after you’ve captured all those fantastic moments during the festival and now have to call yourself an Uber! 

3.  Sunscreen 

Most food festivals are outside and during the especially warm months of the year. In the south the sun can get pretty unbearable. You definitely want to be sure to protect yourself from the suns’ UV rays. 

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4. Hand Sanitizer 

At most food festivals access to running water and soap is very limited. Eliminate the stress and carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and return to eating your way through the festival.

5.  Good Attitude

You are hopefully at this festival to have a good time, so be sure to wear a smile. Makes some foodie friends while your at it!

*This post is sponsored by Coola as part of the Moms Meet Blogger Ambassadorship. I received Coola products free for review purposes. As always, all opinions are that of my own.

Atlanta Brunch Festival 2017 #GoodTimes


Yesterday, I attended the Atlanta Brunch Festival along with several other Atlanta residents. It was a huge turnout! When I arrived, I headed to the VIP tent to start the brunch festivities off with a Spicy Bloody Mary. I was little disappointed to get to the Pimp Your Bloody Mary Station and there were no olives or peppers or picked veggies. Just some sad celery, more Bloody Mary mix, A1 sauce and hot sauce. Sigh. My dreams of an Instagram worthy Bloody Mary were crushed. My drink was quite tasty nonetheless. 

This year, the VIP tent had bites by Buttermilk Kitchen, Southern Bistro, Smoke Ring, Marlow’s Tavern to please to brunching guest. It was a beautiful day in Atlanta! Lots of sun and not too cold. Oh! The Photo Bus was there too! Y’all know I love a photo booth! My crew and I had the best time. But then again, we always do.  Did you attend the Atlanta Brunch Festival? What was your favorite brunch bite?

Eggtoberfest 2016

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Big Green Egg Culinary Center for a pasta making class. It was there were I was told about Eggtoberfest and all its awesomeness. I knew I wanted to go, but of course I forgot. Boooo. Insert awesome friend! Yes! The homie Amber came through with some VIP tickets. Oh yeah! 

Eggtoberfest, held this Saturday at Stone Mountain Park, is a day celebrating the Egghead community and their culinary creativity using the Big Green Egg. There was a lot to taste! We hardly knew where to start. I started off with these super tasty wings. The seasoning on them were just perfect. I probably ate about 7 of them. I gave them my vote.

I came across the Big Green Egg Culinary Center crew. They were making peach pies!

Amber found her some delicious ribs! They were huge! 

My favorite Big Green Egg dessert went to this group of young chefs fir their s’mores cookies. Yummy!!!

The entire theme of this group was just awesome! Their Man Cave Brownies were pretty great too!

Soooo much meat!!!

What a delicious time!! I can’t wait till next year! I will be there!!

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Ramen Fest 2016

The 3rd Annual Ramen Fest, benefiting The Giving Kitchen, took place yesterday afternoon at Monday Night Brewery. The event was once again hosted by Makan with noodles provided by Sun Noodle. It was my first time attending and I was a little excited. The restaurant line-up was quite amazing, so it was definitely going to be a fantastic ramen throw down. As Ramen Lovers entered the brewery they were given a beer glass with chopsticks, voting sticks, and tickets for beer. And so it begins…
The first table I went was Venkman’s. Their table set-up was absolutely beautiful. What were they serving? Hold on to your seats. It’s pretty amazing! Ramen on the Half Shell (Louisiana Oysters, House Fermented Black Beans, XO Broth, Togarashi, Duck Egg Yolk) Soooooo good! And unique! Never saw that one coming!  They most definitely got one of my votes.

Venkman’s ~ Ramen on the Half Shell

Since I’m not a beef or pork eater I was slightly limited to what I was able to try. But what I did was delicious. Little Trouble got my second vote with their Duck Ramen. It was adorned with leeks, pickled mango, fresno, shallots, and mushrooms. So delightful.

Little Trouble ~ Duck Ramen

My third and final vote went to El Super Pan with their Latino take on ramen. The chicken broth was so tasty. I was battling the end of a cold and this was exactly what I needed. I think I had about five cups. It just had a good down home vibe to it.

El Super Pan

I couldn’t taste any others but I was totally satisfied with my options. I will say every restaurant brought their A game. There were some really beautiful ramen dishes being served. I love how creative the chefs got. To top it off, we were able to wash it all down with a cold craft beer from Monday Night Brewery.  Funday Sunday was in full effect!

This year’s Ramen Fest winner went to Eight Sushi Lounge with their Times New Ramen. I heard it was crazy good. By the number of vote sticks jammed into their cup at the end of the night, I’d say they were right. Congratulations Eight Sushi on your win!

The Cheese Fest 2016

Photo Credit: Let’s Booth It

The Cheese Fest 2016 went down yesterday and for the third year in a row I was there. I love cheese!! I also love the organization that it supports, The Giving Kitchen. During this cheesy event, festival goers have the chance to sample some of the best artisan cheeses around the world. There was a lot of cheese!!

The Giving Kitchen provides emergency assistance grants to Atlanta’s restaurant community facing unanticipated hardship.

In addition to cheese samples, there was also two competitions going down. Outside was Grilled Cheese Meltdown.  Chefs had the grand opportunity to create the most unique grilled cheese to win the title. The sandwiches were amazing.  My personal favorite, and People’s Choice Winner, was Bread & Butterfly Gruyere Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It was classic yet fancy.  My WHOA REALLY!! choice, and Judges’ Choice Winner, was High Road Ice Cream’s take on the classic sandwich.  They put cream cheese ice cream and jalapeno pineapple jelly between toasted brioche buns, sugared parmigiano with black pepper. Then they threw some praline pecan crumble on it for some crunch. It was amazing! They also brought two additional flavors of ice cream with the topped with more cheese. Amazing!!  Inside, The Macdown was in full swing.  This title went Muss & Turner’s for their Welsh Rarebit Mac and Cheese. They snagged the People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice Award.  Well done!

The Cheese Fest was amazing and so much fun! Be sure to look out for it next year!

Atl Wing Fest 2016

Getting wing wasted with Amber!

Wings Galore!! That is exactly what I walked into last weekend at the 1st Annual Springer Mountain Farms’ Atl Wing Fest. One thousand wings were provided to 25 chefs, for a wing battle like no other. ATL Wing Fest, produced by Taste of Atlanta, was also a collective effort to benefit Atlanta charities, Angel Flight Soars and Second Helpings Atlanta.


The sold out event was held at the beautiful, Foundry at Puritan Mill.  As I approached the venue, the wonderful smoky smell of chicken wings cooking immerged from the Big Green Eggs in use on the patio.  Inside, the space was bustling with excitement. There was a lot of finger licking going on. I was ready to get my fingers covered in these delicious wing offerings presented by these awesome chefs.


The wings were amazing! Table after table I was even more amazed. The flavors were creative, classic, and just plain fantastic! My vote, and Wing Fest winner, went to Cotton & Rye with their Southern Fried Wings Dusted with Sumac & Spicy Orange Blossom Honey. They got my vote with just one bite! So good!!  Next time you’re in Savannah definitely check them out!

The 1st Annual ATL Wing Fest seemed to be a huge success.  I will wait patiently for the next year’s wing celebration.

ATL Wing Fest Winner Cotton & Rye Photo Credit: Amber H.