Ohio Love

Today is National Ohio Day and guess who's from this great state? Me!! I was born and raised in the northwest Ohio city of Toledo. Growing up a Buckeye was pretty good. Those winter months were very challenging the older I got though. Ohio can get brutally cold. The weather ultimately ran me out of … Continue reading Ohio Love


   Staying awake will never really be an issue when you take the Batdorf & Bronson Roastery Tour. Why? For many reasons. One, they have the best tour guide around. His name is Ren and he's awesome! Which leads us to the second reason why staying awake will not be an issue. Ren will make … Continue reading HOW TO STAY AWAKE ON A BATDORF & BRONSON ROASTERY TOUR

{Restaurant Review} ¬†Atlanta Breakfast Club

Last week, I stumbled upon a restaurant in downtown Atlanta called the Atlanta Breakfast Club.Previous reviews were positive, so I was excited to see what they had to offer. As I walked in, the decor reminded me of an old time diner. The menu was very appealing as well, serving breakfast all day. Breakfast is … Continue reading {Restaurant Review} ¬†Atlanta Breakfast Club

Sprinkles Cupcakes 10 Year Anniversary!

Today Sprinkles Cupcakes celebrated there 10 Year Anniversary with free cupcakes to their customers all day! Awesome! Sprinkles Cupcakes started the cupcake craze, becoming the first cupcake bakery when they opened their doors in Beverly Hills. Today they having 17 locations across the United States. Sprinkles Cupcakes also offers an array of delicious cookies and … Continue reading Sprinkles Cupcakes 10 Year Anniversary!


Sunday night, Instagrammers in Atlanta gathered at The Sundial to once again show their love of their city. It was the location of the #WELOVEATL Instameet. I was very excited! Being 73 floors above downtown Atlanta we were sure to see something amazing. This Instameet drew a huge group of people eager to get the … Continue reading #WELOVEATL INSTAMEET at The Sundial