I Ate 32 Wings Today…Tales of a Hungry Girl in Atlanta

Today was the 3rd Annual Springer Mountain Farms Southern Wing Showdown. If you have a love for wings, this was the place to be. If you have a love for adventurous flavors, this was the place to be. Basically you should have been there!

The sold out event featured 32 southern chefs, each putting their take on the all mighty chicken wing. After attendees tasted all of the wings, they then voted on their favorite.

There were soooo many amazing wings! Just when you thought you definitely tasted your favorite, the next chef blows your mind with another delicious wing! I personally had several favorites.

My most favorite was from Funk Seoul Brother with their Hot Honey Butter Korean Fried Chicken with Smoked Cashews and Mu Radish Bourbon Pickles. Oh what a tasty bite that was!!

The winner of the showdown was Canoe’s Chef Matthew Basford with his Sichuan Spiced Wing with Gochujang Honey Mustard. That was a tasty wing too!! Congrats Chef!!

Well I left a very happy and full girl! Can’t wait till next year!!



5 Local Gems Not to Miss in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Yesterday I received a call from a friend inquiring about the itinerary of the day . I didn’t have plans and neither did she. That never stopped us from having the most amazing impromptu adventures. This is what I love about my friend, she is ALWAYS ready to go! Everyone should have a friend like her in their circle. A friend who’s always down for an unplanned adventure. If you don’t have one , get one! It’s also cool to actually be that kind of friend. Don’t be so hung up on planning and sticking to the schedule. Forgot the schedule and explore!!

Very quickly we decided that Chattanooga would be our best bet with it only being an hour and forty minutes drive outside Atlanta. We had no set schedule or plan, just an idea of what we wanted to experience. With that we got in the car and off we went.

As soon as we got into Chattanooga it starts to rain. Like really hard. Mind you, no rain was in the forecast! Ugh!! Not a problem for us though! We are always prepared. A couple little raindrops won’t stop this day of adventure finding. During our 6 hour stay in Chattanooga we were able to explore quite a few amazing establishments. Definitely add these to your list of places to visit next time you find yourself in Chattanooga.

1. Our first stop was to the very beautiful Hunter Museums of American Art. The museum sits on 80-foot bluff on the edge of the Tennessee River. It’s quite the sight to see. From the inside, you’ll enjoy more breathtaking views of the river and mountains. “The Hunter Museum focuses on American art from the Colonial period to the present day. The collection includes paintings, works on paper, sculpture, photography, mixed media, furniture and contemporary studio glass covering a range of styles and periods.” Yesterday we saw two very cool exhibits currently on display, UNDER THE MEXICAN SKY: A REVOLUTION IN MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY and NEW MEDIA, NEW MILLENNIUM: DIGITAL ART FROM THE THOMA FOUNDATION. When you’re done at the museum head to the Walnut Street Bridge for a beautiful walk across the Tennessee River.

2. We made our way to The Local Juicery + Kitchen where we picked up some amazing cold pressed organic juices. There were so many to choose from! I finally decided on the Sweet Heart Beet, which had apple, pineapple, and ginger in it. Sooo good! I also picked up a bottle of kombucha from Muse + Metta. I was drawn in by the bottle and immediately wanted to reuse and stick a flower in it! Upon looking closer, it read Mango Chili Saffron. Oh my! I needed to taste it. That flavor combination was screaming at me! Yes, I got it. Not only did they have juices and kombucha, you can also create your cold pressed juices, get an açaí bowls, and enjoy good vibes. Stop by in the Summer to snag a popsicle!

3. After a short walk, we found ourselves at Wildflower Tea Shop & Apothecary. It’s soooo cute! So this is where you want to go if you’re a tea connoisseur like myself. They offer a amazing selection of organic loose leaf teas as well as “bulk herbs, essential oils, flower essences and locally and/or regionally made herbal products.”

Another thing that you may find of interest is their fresh baked vegan treats. I was a very happy girl munching on my vegan ginger snap cookie! Yummy!!

4. You all know I love a cute coffee shops! And lattes!! Every city I’m in, I have to also explore the coffee scene. Using my trusty YELP app I found Plus Coffee Co. Located at the foot of Ruby Falls, this coffee shop is serving up coffee roasted by Quills Coffee. Off the seasonal menu, I ordered the Honey Cinnamon Latte. Yummmmmm!! My friend ordered a cold brew and was very much delighted.

5. Last stop of our impromptu trip was to a restaurant that was actually suggested by a young lady at the Wildflower Tea Shop. When we asked her where a good place to eat was she immediately said the Flying Squirrel Bar. Ok. Love the name! She went on the inform us of the chef driven menu and how amazing the food was. Well that’s really all we needed to hear so we headed to the Flying Squirrel Bar. We’re so easy.

This place was huge! Lots of seating options. We were seating in the upstairs lounge like area. Very nice. As we looked over the menu we became very excited. Everything looked AMAZING!! My friend ended up getting the special of the day, an Arugula Pasta with Braised Beef. She also got the Roasted Cauliflower which was in a coconut milk reduction with lime and cilantro. That was really tasty! I ordered the Falafel Burger which was adorned with house tzatziki, pickled red onions, bibb lettuce, and tomato on a Niedlov’s sesame seed bun. Now this is how you make someone fall in love with falafel! Like who needs meat if your alternative option taste like this? It was so good!! Like really good! Definitely stop here when you’re in Chattanooga. I highly recommend it!

Chattanooga is a super cool place to visit! There are so many more places to explore! Don’t forget to check out The Chattanooga Zoo, Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, and the Tennessee Aquarium!

Celebrate National Pizza Day with ALLORA’s Chef Chris Maher’s Carbonara Recipe

Today is a most delicious day! A day loved by all. Well, at least by me! This day celebrates my most favorite food to eat. It’s National Pizza Day!! Yayyyy! I could eat pizza everyday. I’ve had some pretty amazing pizzas in my lifetime but I personally love making pizzas myself. It’s fairly easy to prepare and you’ll definitely pat yourself on the back when it’s all done.

ALLORA’s Executive Chef Chris Maher, was kind enough to share the recipe to one of ALLORA’s signature pizzas, the Carbonara. This mouthwatering pizza is made with pancetta, cracked pepper, mozzarella, Percorino Romano and farm eggs. Sounds amazing right?!? Well make you grocery list and head to the store. Tonight is pizza night!

“I’ve been making pizza, in one form or another, for more than half my life. I’m fascinated by the seemingly endless possibilities. The pizza itself, acts as a vehicle for us to really create something special.” – Executive Chef Chris Maher

ALLORA- Atlanta,Georgia
Photo by Heidi Geldhauser



(Yields 4 Pizzas)



For the dough

4 cups “00” flour (if unavailable, all-purpose flour will work)

2 tsp sea salt

1.5 tsp instant dry yeast

1.5 cups water, room temperature

For the sauce

1 pint heavy cream

½ cup grated pecorino romano

1.5 Tbsp cracked black pepper

Kosher salt to taste

For the pizza

12oz fresh mozzarella

1/2lb pancetta, sliced thin

4 fresh farm eggs, room temperature


• Combine flour, salt, and yeast in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook attachment. Mix to combine.

• Add water and mix to combine. Then, knead dough on low speed for 10 minutes. The mixture should come together into a unified mass that barely sticks to the bottom of the bowl.

• Cover bowl tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 8 hours. It can be refrigerated for up to 72 hours.

• When ready to make pizza, transfer dough to a floured work surface. Divide dough into four even sections.

• Coat four small containers or bowls with nonstick cooking spray or olive oil.

• With floured hands, form each section into a ball. Place one dough ball into each coated container or bowl. Lightly spray the top of each dough ball with nonstick cooking spray or coat with olive oil.

• Cover each container or bowl tightly with plastic wrap, and let rise at room temperature for 2 hours. Each dough ball should double in volume.

• To make the Sauce, simply mix all ingredients together.

• Heat a pizza stone in the oven at 450° F

Assemble the Pizzas:

• On a well-floured surface, stretch out each ball into a 10-inch circle. Use a floured rolling pin if you need it. Don’t worry about the dough being a perfect circle!

• Place one dough ball onto a lightly-floured pizza peel, shake gently to ensure that the dough is not sticking.

• Spread about 1/4 of the sauce over the dough, leaving about a 1/2-inch edge unsauced.

• Top the sauce with a quarter of the mozzarella slices, and prosciutto. Crack an egg right in the center of the pizza.

• Transfer pizza from peel to the hot stone and bake about 5 to 7 minutes, until cheese is bubbly and crust is charred in places.

• Remove from the oven and top with fresh cracked pepper.

• Slice and enjoy!

ALLORA is located in the TWELVE Hotel Midtown at 361 17th Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30363. For more information call 404.961.7370 or visit www.alloraatl.com. Stay connected online via Twitter and Instagram @alloraatl and on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/alloraatl.com

27 Reasons Why You Should Put Philadelphia on Your Culinary Adventure Travel Radar

Philadelphia is waiting! You now have 27 more reasons to visit the City of Brotherly Love. Check out the latest restaurant openings and start planning your trip today!

Credit: Photo courtesy Founding Fathers via VISIT PHILADELPHIA

*Source – press release via Visit Philadelphia

Center City:

1. Alice – The folks behindRittenhouse coffee shop Gran Caffe L’Aquila bring the neighborhood another Roman pizza shop, where altaglio (rectangular, square slice) pizza is sold by weight, and sit-down dinners pull from an expanded menu, starting at 3 p.m. Also for sale: Italian wine, beer and cocktails. 236 S. 15th Street, (215) 545-2020, @alicepizzaphiladelphia

2. Andy’s Chicken – The Fishtown phenom expands to a second location in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, this time with seating. Fans will note that the menu of Korean fried chicken, rice and noodle dishes, remains unchanged. 2108 South Street, (215) 515-3553, andyschicken.com

3. J’aime – A French bakery fills the demand for note-perfect éclairs, brioche and crepes in Midtown Village. The sunny white space features a marble countertop and booth seating and opens to sidewalk tables in milder weather. 212 S. 12thStreet, (267) 928-3172, jaimefrenchbakery.com

4. Keen Philly – First-time restaurateurs Caitlin and Chris Rorer claim this modern pub and its menu of hearty hand pies, burgers (including veggie), pig candy, noodles and just-as-hearty cocktails, beers and wines. 1708 Lombard Street, (215) 515-5336,keenphilly.com

5. The Love – Restaurateurs Stephen Starr and Aimee Olexy of Talula’s Garden team up for a third venture, this time for homey American fare in Rittenhouse Square. Exposed brick, comfy banquettes and plank floors set a welcoming stage for ricotta-stuffed pierogi, smoked whole trout with maple farro and spicy pecans and a thoughtful wine list. 130 S. 18th Street, (215) 433-1555, theloverestaurant.com

6. Middle Child – Providing a friendly daytime respite in busy Center City, this newfangled diner serves breakfast, sandwiches, salads and Elixr coffee. The tailored menu features creations like blintz toast with blueberry masala jam and the “phoagie” (with hoisin eggplant, frizzled onion and sambal paste). 248 S. 11th Street, (267) 930-8344, middlechildphilly.com

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Wakey wakey eggs and bakey #MiddleChildPhilly

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7. Moustaki – The storefront gyro gets a sleek update with this casual Greek restaurant in Center City West. On the menu are authentic mezedes, gyro and souvlaki sandwiches and feta-topped pizza. 161 N. 21st Street, (215) 964-9151, moustakigyro.com

8. N2 Sweet Café – Now’s the time to try liquid nitrogen ice cream. The Chinatown parlor scoops up signature flavors such as “the camper” (with toasted marshmallow and graham crackers and topped with Hershey’s chocolate) as well as design-your-own creations. 125 N. 11th Street, (215) 925-3200, n2sweetcafe.com

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Just in case you forgot! We Have Vegan options 😉

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9. Oloroso – Chef Townsend Wentz of Townsend and A Mano turns his attention to authentic Spanish tapas: boquerones, roasted bone marrow, paella Valenciana, a roasted half pig’s head to go with a full bar, heavy on the sherry and vermouth lists. The setting: banquettes upholstered in Persian rugs and a mural depicting the conquest of Majorca. 1121 Walnut Street, (267) 324-3014, olorosophilly.com

10. Royal Boucherie – Having built a small empire of Royal restaurants, Stephen Simons and David Frank teamed up with celebrated chef Nick Elmi (Laurel) for an American brasserie in Old City. The bi-level space opens into a bar and tufted green banquette seating where guests can enjoy raw seafood, natural wine and bistro eats like steak au poivre.52 S. 2nd Street, (267) 606-6313, royalboucherie.com

11. Trattoria Carina – Swiftly and quietly replacing the well-loved Fitler Dining Room, this new, no-reservations Italian eatery from the same ownership aims to feed neighbors with approachable eats and a curated drink list. The corner boîte specializes in platters of bucatini cacio e pepe, chicken Milanese and zuppa di pesce. 2201 Spruce Street, (215) 732-5818

12. Tuna Bar – Chef Kenneth Sze brings Old City’s new Bridge Building a polished Japanese raw bar. On the menu: Sze’s grandmother’s recipe for wonton soup, classic sashimi and homemade dumplings. 205 Race Street, (215) 238-8862, tunabar.com

13. Ugly Duckling – The owners of the Blue Duck and Blue Duck on Broad take their whimsy to a third and boozier enterprise. The Center City East restaurant serves classic cocktails, chorizo mac and cheese and smoked BBQ rib s with house-made cornbread. 212 S. 11th Street, (267) 639-5195, facebook.com/uglyducklingphilly

https://instagram.com/p/BcxX21wB6bx/14.Yeeroh – South Street West’s newest fast casual spot is a great place to score a gyro fix. Hefty portions of feta fries and pork souvlaki can be ordered for takeout or enjoyed at one of the modern-rustic wood tables. 1412 South Street, (215) 545-8000, yeerohphilly.com

North of Center City:

15. Gin & Pop – Francisville residents no longer have to travel to sate a craving for tuna crudo or short rib poutine. This high-end bar serves both, along with burgers, craft beer, wine and cocktails like the Rye and Gosling (rye, Gosling’s, amaro, ginger and orange). 1839 Poplar Street, (267) 687-1009, ginandpop.com

16. The Kettle Black – The loaf’s the thing at this slate-toned boulangerie overlooking 2nd Street. Charcoal bread, croissants and bagels and sandwiches therein can be ordered with Peddler coffee drinks. 631 N. 2nd Street, thekettleblackphilly.com

17. Mad Rex – Fishtown’s expansive restaurant and bar with a post-apocalyptic theme allows “survivors” to feast on cook-your-own meats on hot lava slabs or enjoy the certainty of burgers, steaks and bananas Foster. 1000 Frankford Avenue, Suite 1, (267) 773-7566, themadrex.com

18. Suraya – This expansive Middle Eastern-accented cafe, market, restaurant and outdoor garden promises to serve many purposes—and patrons in Fishtown. Market is open now; restaurant to follow in early 2018. 1528 Frankford Avenue, (215) 302-1900, surayaphilly.com

19 Yards Brewery and Taproom – The relocated Yards Brewery production facility in Spring Garden features a full dining experience. The menu, courtesy of chef Jim Burke, beckons with beer-friendly eats like pork belly kebabs, patty melts and venison chili with maple cornbread. 500 Spring Garden Street, (215) 634-2600, yardsbrewing.com

South Philadelphia:

20. Philly Tacos – The master behind the original Los Taquitos de Puebla brings his al pastor magic to a new venture, a Point Breeze taqueria with a casual storefront atmosphere. Guests can choose from a list of dozens of taco fillings, or try the alambres and quesadillas. 2011 Reed Street, (215) 334-1200, phillytacos.com

21. Pistola’s Del Sur – The thirdPistola’s restaurant completes the trifecta with a Passyunk address and daily lunch and dinner service (the kitchen is open until 1 a.m.), with brunch on the weekends. The casual beer-centric menu keeps the focus on nachos, queso fundido and tacos. 1934 E. Passyunk Avenue, (267) 519-2329, facebook.com/pistolasdelsur

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Hey guys, we’re kinda known for our Nachos.

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22. Rival Bros. – The Philly roasters take on a third coffee bar location, this time in South Philly. The stylishly airy space features mod lighting, hardwood floors and the usual caffeinated suspects, plus pastries from Machine Shop Boulangerie, bread from High Street on Market and pies from Stargazy. 1100 Tasker Street, rivalbros.com

West Philadelphia:

23. Hatch & Coop – University City’s former Jake’s Sandwich Board is now this fried chicken eat-in or take-outery, featuring fried chicken, roasted thigh, fried cauliflower—and made-to-order ice cream—sandwiches, along with a single salad and fries. 125 S. 40th Street, (215) 921-9580, hatchandcoop.com


24. Louie’s Little Hut – Chestnut Hill meets surf shop meets sandwich shop is open all day for breakfast and lunch. Menu highlights include waffle sandwiches and a cream-cheese-topped variation on the cheesesteak. 8419 Germantown Avenue, (267) 766-5044,


Suburban Openings:

25. Bam Bam Kitchen – Downtown Ardmore now has its first Korean restaurant. Colorful lights and a glittery tiled wall shine on authentic dishes such as japchae, pajeon and bulgogi. 31 E. Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, (484) 844-7827, facebook.com/bambamkitchen

26. Buena Onda – Jose Garces makes the newly hot King of Prussia Mall an even more desirable dining destination with the second location of his Baja-style taqueria. Classic and seafood tacos, quesadillas and kid-friendly portions—served on Frisbees—at the Savor Food Court. 160 N. Gulph Road, King of Prussia, buenaondatacos.com

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27. Founding Farmers – The hospitality group operated by the North Dakota Farmers Union went big with an epic 14,000 square foot restaurant in King of Prussia. The first Pennsylvania location of a sustainably-focused chain features a something-for-everyone menu with seven-cheese macaroni, vegan grain bowls and salads and sandwiches in between.  255 Main Street Suite 180, King of Prussia, (484) 808-4008, wearefoundingfarmers.com

Toledo Eats: Brim House 

Downtown Toledo has a new dining destination that will definitely be the place to #SeeAndBeSeen.  On August 2nd, Brim House opened its doors as part of a partnership between restaurant group, Concentrics Restaurants, and hospitality group, First Hospitality Group. Brim House is the first of two destination restaurants to open in the newly renovated Renaissance Hotel in downtown Toledo, Ohio.  Led by Toledo native, Executive Chef Aaron Lawson, Brim House is confident that they will bring Toledo to the next culinary level.

I was very excited to have been invited for a menu tasting last week.  I brought my mother along to share the experience. We were immediately in awe from beauty of the lobby itself. I was bright, modern, and adorned with beautiful smiles ready to assist. I asked where Brim House was located and was directed to the left of the front desk. As I turn the corner, I was once again awed. This is a beautifully executed restaurant!

Photo Courtesty of Brim House

The details were definitely well thought out. Bedecked with locally sourced glass and steel, the restaurant knows the importance of supporting community.

Photo Courtesy of Brim House
From the very beginning of our experience, my mother and I received the warmest of welcomes and was greeted with smiles from every single person. Not only that,  they were willing to help anyway they could. My mother left her reading glasses at home and asked if they possibly had a spare pair. Our fabulous waiter, Kristin, answered with a yes! Wow! My mom hadn’t even had one crumb of food and was already a fan of Brim House. As we took a look at the menu, we knew we were in for a treat. The menu was sprinkled with all kinds of delicious descriptions. The chef decided to choose our culinary experience and led the way.  As we waited for our journey to begin we started with a drink.

Brim House offers a very nice selection of specialty craft cocktails as well as an extensive wine menu. If you’re a craft beer connoisseur, they have you covered with a great selection of local beer on draft. We decided to explore the cocktail menu. I had a pretty tough time deciding. All of the cocktails sounded so amazing and adventurous. My mom went for the Flair of Passion and I decided to get an Old Fashioned. We both agreed that both were some pretty fantastic. One of the best Old Fashioneds I’ve had to date.


We started our menu tasting with the Domestic Lamb Rack, served with Lavender & Citrus Risotto, Brussels Leaves, and a Red Wine Jus. It smelled AND  looked amazing! After admiring this delicious work of art, I sliced a piece of lamb off and began my journey. My first taste was a explosion of flavor that will never be removed from my memory. This piece of lamb was so tender! It was also seasoned and prepared to perfection. Just WOW! Sitting beneath the lamb was a delicious Lavender & Citrus Risotto with a bed of Brussels leaves. Delicious! If this was any indication of the special culinary talents we were about to experience,  I was definitely ready!

The next chef selection was the 1/2 Roasted Chicken with Pancetta Smoked Butter, Caramelized Red Onions and Summer Squash. I loved the light crispiness of the outside of the chicken. Inside was very moist and well seasoned. On top of the chicken was some very bold caramelized red onion.  They were delicious!

To lighten up the menu tasting, we were next presented with the best stack of tomatoes I have ever had. The stack was propped up by the most creamiest, most delicious aerated goat cheese. So tasty! One of my favorite components of this dish was the Basil Crunch. What a creative way to bring texture and flavor to these fresh tomatoes. I absolutely love it.

Next to arrive to the table was a stunning 8oz Bistro Steak served with a delicious White Cheese Mac & Cheese. Let’s just start with the steak. So tender. So Juicy. So much flavor! It was wonderful. The Mac & Cheese was very tasty as well. I loved that it was served in this cute little cast iron ramekin. Our lovely waitress, Kristin, asked if wanted another cocktail. Yes, of course! I couldn’t decide, so I asked Kristin to surprise me. She returned with The Toronto. And she was correct in thinking I would love it, because I absolutely did. This round of food and cocktails made me an official fan of Brim House. It made me extremly excited for the city of Toledo.

When I thought it couldn’t get any better, a parade a dessert came waltzing to our table in delicious harmony. Our selections included: Limoncello Tiramisu,  Chocolate Hazelnut Feuillentine Cake, and Pineapple Crème Bruelee. Each just as amazing as the other. My personal favorite was the Limoncello Tiramasu, topped with seasonal fresh berries. I couldn’t stop eating it was so good!


Brim House proved to be very impressive. I appreciated every detail that was put in this beautiful establishment. The amazing food. The attentive staff. The beautiful ambiance. Every aspect of this restaurant will leave you yearning for another visit. Thank you Brim House for a truly amazing experience.


Brim House

444 N Summit St

Toledo, OH 43604







For reservations call (419) 243-7664


Connect on Social Media 

Instagram @brimhousetol

Twitter @brimhousetol


About Brim House



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Meet the creative genius! Chef Aaron Lawson 👨🏽‍🍳 . A classically French trained Chef that has been in the business for 16 years, Aaron Lawson brings a deep rooted sensibility in his approach to cooking. A native of Toledo, Lawson was deeply inspired by his grandmother and mother and their Appalachian lineage of cooking. They focused on preserving, canning and curing and using what was naturally available. Lucky for diners in Toledo, this honest approach inspires his cooking to this day. . After graduating from Johnson & Wales University in 2007, Lawson landed at The Crowne Plaza Hotel Toledo Ohio where he was the Executive Chef from 2008-2012. In 2012, Lawson switched gears and left the hotel world for the Hollywood Casino Toledo where he created a four star Forbes program for 4 consecutive years. Now, at Brim House and @theheightstol , Lawson serves his style of comforting American fare focusing on ingredients from local farms and butcheries. . Currently, Lawson lives in West Toledo with his fiancé, 2 sons, 2 daughters and soon to be stepson. Together, they own and operate a woodworking company named “Matthew & Mairi Against the Grain.” that specializes in custom projects using reclaimed and locally grown products. This year, they are expanding the business to include a line of pickled vegetables, jams & marmalades as well as soup starters for home use. . . #DowntownToledo #ExecutiveChef #CreativeGenius #Foodie

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Stay tuned for the opening of  The Heights! In the mean time,  check out this awesome view from the rooftop!

True Food Kitchen [Best Bites Lenox Square Mall] 

One of the first places I visited when I moved to Atlanta back in 1995 was Lenox Square Mall. My roommate and spent many of afternoons there just people watching while eating our frozen yogurt. You never knew who you would see. Lenox Mall was a very popular place to visit. Today, it remains as one Atlanta’s top destination for Atlanta locals and visitors alike. Not only does the mall offer a wide variety of shopping options, it also has some nice dining options as well.

True Food Kitchen at Lenox Square Mall

I was recently invited to experience True Food Kitchen for a tasting of their menu. Located near the main entrance of Lenox Square Mall, this “health-driven seasonal restaurant”, is inspired by its co-owner’s, Dr. Weil, anti-inflammintory diet.


“True Food Kitchen believes in selecting and preparing simple and delicious foods to help people achieve and maintain optimal health. “


As soon as you walk through the doors you know you’re going to experience something amazing. The restaurant alone is beautiful. From its large patio space, perfect for those Atlanta summer nights, to its open kitchen concept, you get a very welcoming feel.

I took along fellow blogger and daughter, Sage, for this menu tasting. You can read about her experience from a kid’s point of view HERE. We started off our meal with some fresh housemade juices. Apple Carrot Ginger Tonic. Absolutely amazing! Kale Aid. Right on! Honey Beer Ginger Beer. Yes Please! I’m definitely in love with all of them. What a great way to start a tasting!

Apple Carrot Ginger Tonic

Next up was the Farmer’s Market Crudités. When our waitress brought it out, our eyes got so big. It was beautiful! Amazing how a bowl of fresh raw vegetables with dip can get you so excited. I was more than pleased with this selection. We also had the Edamame Dumplings, which was basically devoured by my daughter. She loved it!

Farmer’s Market Crudités

With the strong suggestion from our lovely waitress, we were next present with one of their popular menu item, the Ancient Grains Bowl. This bowl was a healthy food fanatics dream. It was adorned with miso glazed sweet potatoes, turmeric, charred onions, snow peas, grilled portobello, avocado, and hemp seeds. I also added shrimp to the bowl. So good!! I am very confident in saying that even if you wasn’t a healthy food fanatic, you would still enjoy this bowl!

Ancient Grains Bowl

If there’s pizza on the menu, you already know I’m ordering it! We decided on two of their selections, the Butternut Squash and the Chicken Sausage pizzas. I know what you’re thinking, Butternut Squash on a pizza? Right, I thought the same thing. But let me tell you, it was tasty. It was really tasty in fact. With the smoked onions, kale, vegan almond ricotta, and dried cranberry, you have quite a flavor explosion happening in your mouth. Definetly something you’ve never had, but need to experience.

Butternut Squash Pizza/Chicken Sausage Pizza

We also had the opportunity to preview on of their spring menu items, now available in their restaurants, the Flamed Torched Avocado Salad. THIS! This was amazing! When it came out I was already stuffed. I planned on tasting it and taking the rest home for later. It never made it out of the restaurant!! I couldn’t stop eating it!! It was sooooo good. It’s light. It’s flavorful. And it’s healthy. You can’t go wrong. If you don’t try anything else this spring, try this.

Flamed Torched Avocado

What an amazing experience! I enjoyed every thing beautifully presented to me at True Food Kitchen. This restaurant comes highly recommended by me as a place to get healthy, delicious food.

Click on the photo below to check out Sage’s review of True Food Kitchen!
Sage Loves 2 Eat

True Food Kitchen

3393 Peachtree Rd, NE

Atlanta, Georgia 30326

* I received this experience complimentary. Thank you True Food Kitchen! All opinions are that of my own! 

ATL Airport District Restaurant Week March 18th-26th 

The 2nd Annual ATL Airport District Restaurant Week started yesterday with a pretty amazing line-up. During this week, residents of the Atlanta metro area and visitors will be able to explore several restaurants in the airport district who are offering prix-fixe menus at special prices. Thursday night I was invited to preview a few of the participating restaurant on a special blogger tour. I was especially excited for this opportunity, as I had never been to any of these particular restaurants. I’m all for new experiences!

Our tour started at the Georgia International Convention Center. Here, we checked in and we’re treated with a nice selection of craft beer from Beer Girl Growlers & Bottles. Located about 7 minutes away from the airport in Hapeville, Beer Girl is your one stop shop for your favorite craft beers, wine on tape, mead, and sodas by the glass. Check them out when your in the area!!

Our blogger welcome also included my new favorite cupcake, Kupcakerie. This cupcake that was presented to us was so moist, so amazing, and had just the right amount of sweetness. The icing was even good! Kupcakerie is located in downtown East Point. During ATL Airport District Restaurant Week they will be offer a delicious discount of 20% off their entire lunch menu! Be sure to check them out!!

Next, we hopped back on the blogger shuttle and headed to Chairs Upstairs! This restaurant and bar was our next stop for American eats and such. Upon sitting we were immediately greeted with beer. Yes! The first was a Pineapple Sour from Ace Cider out of Sebastopol, CA. I wasn’t really a fan, but I’m not really a fan of sours in general. Sour fans at the table seemed to really enjoy it though.

Next, a parade of food came out that was an Instagrammers dream! Because of the dim lighting of the bar, the photo shoot was taken outside. Click! Click! Click! We had some beautiful Smoked Wings, Spinach Artichoke Dip & Chips, Breaded Cauliflower, and Asparagus. All real tasty! My favorite was the Spinach Artichoke Dip. It was soooo cheesy! When we were leaving people were just standing over the bowl still trying to eat it like it was their last meal. Lol! With our delicious food we also had a beer tasting of Nerd Alert from Monday Night Brewing and a Milk Stout from Arches Brewing. Chairs is known for their extensive “craft beer selection, pool tables, brisket, and chairs.” Stop by during ATL Airport District Restaurant Week  and enjoy 20% off the entire lunch menu!

Our next destination was to a somewhat hidden gem. Behind a few buildings, across a parking lot, we finally came to a door. A door that clearly said STOP. Like a huge sign that was an actual Stop sign! It was pretty shady but everyone happily opened the door and walked in.

When we did, we were transported to a speakeasy called the The Duck Club. Upon arrival everyone was given a perfectly crafted Old Fashioned cocktail. Very nice! Our bite selection included some amazing Loaded Bleu Cheese Potato Chips. Wow!! Those are definitely worth the trip to College Park. Check them out! During ATL Airport District Restaurant Week and enjoy 20% off the entire dinner menu!

Next door was the next stop on this wonderful blogger tour. This stop was an extra exclusive first look at Radial Cafe’s newest location in College Park. First look as in they were still gutting it out! Still owner and chef, Frank Bragg, provided us with a pretty amazing spread of food. Complete with candlelight and cocktails. I was a major fan of the Superfood Salad and Vegan Oatmeal Cookies! They are expected to open in mid April, serving delicious, locally sourced foods. So be sure to pay them a visit!

Last stop on the blogger tours was to  The Corner Grille. This locally owned and operated College Park gem is here ready to serve you with some delicious American food with Cajun influences. Yes please! We were given and interesting take on a Moscow Mule. Instead of using vodka, they use Sake, calling it the Tokyo Mule.  I loved it! Our tasting was of their delicious Maryland Style Crab Cake and Mango Sorbet. Tasty! Real tasty!! You can get this during ATL Airport District Restaurant Week for just $19 during lunch.

The ATL Airport District Restaurant Week preview Tour was pretty great! Definitely take advantage of these awesome special and explore what the Atl Airport District has to offer. Visit ATLDistrict.com for a listing of all the participating restaurants!
* I received this tour complimentary. All opinions are my own.*