Lunch 3.24.16 Davinci’s Pizzeria

Today was a pretty busy day! I got up super early and took my daughter to school. Came back home and wrote a few blog post. I’m was a tad behind! But I’m just about caught up. Left the house and went and filed my taxes. Yay taxes!! Not really though. Suddenly my stomach growled. Uh-oh. Did I eat today??? Nope. Suddenly I felt like I was starving. I need some food!! 

I was in Midtown Atlanta and close to a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try called Da Vinci’s Pizzeria. Their Yelp reviews were for the most part good. The pictures looked appetizing and they had a great lunch special. Let’s give it a try! The  lunch special was an eight inch pizza with two topping and a fountain drink for $5.99. Awesome deal! I got Chicken Sausage & Mushrooms and Sweet Tea. I came in at the right time because as soon as I ordered, the lunch rush started. Suddenly it was extremly busy. My order came out momentarily and I was in my way. It was beautiful day so I decided to sit on a bench outside to enjoy my pizza. It was pretty good! I’m a pretty big pizza fan so I would tell you if it wasn’t. I plan on going back to check the rest of the menu out very soon.


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